If you’ve ever been to an event based around music, you know how important the DJ is to everyone having a good time. And while DJs tend to make their jobs look effortless as they spin track after track, the skill involved in getting the party started and keeping it going can’t be overlooked.

What also needs to be considered when judging a DJ is the event itself. Good DJs have an advanced understanding of time and place and at no point is that more evident than when comparing the differences between spinning at a club versus playing at a wedding. While both take considerable talent and an innate feeling for what will keep the crowds entertained, the preparation and execution that goes into each performance couldn’t be further apart.

Let’s Hit the Club

It’s late, it’s dark, and people are excited to be out with groups of friends, all looking to have a good time. Those are the conditions in which most club DJs operate and it’s their job to use their mixing skills to make sure every single person in that environment is on the dance floor and enjoying themselves.

That means club DJs must have an ear for rhythm and be able to seamlessly transition from track to track. They must also be up-to-date with the songs and sounds that are current and balance those with classic hits.

But that’s usually as far as it goes for club DJs. Worrying about any technical issues is not their concern, as most clubs have all of the sound equipment already set up. They are also fortunate in that it’s rare that only one DJ spins the entire night at a club. DJs are usually required to only perform short sets in which they can focus on whatever type of music that is specific to that venue.

Wedding Bells

Wedding DJs have an entirely different set of responsibilities and expectations. Before we even get into what type of music they are expected to play, know that DJs usually play a role in organizing the reception. That’s because they are responsible for not just their own sound, but sound for the entire event. This means that ensuring microphones and speakers are hooked up and working properly, as well as troubleshooting any problems that may come up as it relates to the sound or equipment, are additional responsibilities put squarely on the DJ.

article_030615Once they do get to the music, wedding DJs must consider the wide range of people within the audience. Children, teenagers, adults, and seniors are all present at wedding receptions and all want to enjoy the event. And as the evening moves on, dynamics change, so an experienced DJ should be able to recognize that and adjust accordingly.

Adjustments are actually a big part of what’s expected of a DJ. What if it rains and the reception planned for outside just got moved to the alternative venue space? That means taking down and setting up equipment quickly and with the confidence of knowing that everything will still run just as smoothly. And if a mic is too loud or quiet during a speech or the wife or husband has a special request, among other instances, a DJ is required to think on their feet and make things happen.

Both wedding DJs and club DJs have talents that are essential to what they do, but when hiring a wedding DJ, their array of duties require clients take more careful consideration before making a final decision.

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