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Indoor & Outdoor Events

Indoor/Outdoor Event DJ for Barrie and surrounding areas

Decide what are you going to do?
So now that you have the list of invites it’s time to think of what you will do with them. Being outdoors makes this easier since there are such a wide variety of things to do. You could be hiking, swimming, biking, eating, just listening to music and dancing, talking. You could have a theme for your party; beach, bonfire. Generally, you should have one main thing to do besides mingling and eating and taking pictures. Perhaps a game or bring along sports equipment for anyone interested.

  • No matter what you plan on doing there are things that have to be there: Music! Sonic Sensations can accommodate any size event indoor or outdoors. We work closely with you to make your event a flawless one! We will play beat songs that are popular right now or retro ones for older crowds or just rekindle old memories.
  • Food – Again, you should ask a group of friends to help you purchase/make the food. Keeping it simple is the best option. Bring some pizza or pasta and plenty of junk food. Such as chips, ice cream in a cooler, and pop.

Make sure to have comfortable seating and room – like seats and even tents.
(Once again, things might start to get out of reach, and you should ask guests to bring their own)

Plan the duration of the party.
When? And For How Long? The party should probably be on a day where you have nothing to worry about the after. Such as during Spring Break or Summer Vacation. Or a weekend. The best days are Fridays and Saturdays. The party should be around a mealtime; either lunch or dinner. A lunch party would be nice and relaxing and casual but since the sun is up there’s plenty more to do, while a dinner/night kind of party would be more exciting but there wouldn’t be as much stuff to do. An outdoor party should be longer than most indoor ones. On average it should be around three or four hours long. Any longer than 5 hours would sound unappealing to guests and less than 2 doesn’t give much time to do everything.

Choose a suitable location:
This decision affects numbers 1,2 & 3. If you have a theme of a beach, you should go to a beach, maybe a place where you know that there isn’t going to be too crowded, an area you would be able to have privacy. Another great place would be going to a campsite – that comes with a campfire pit. Also great if camp is in the forest, if a night party a suggestion would be to go hiking with flashlights in the dark. Though be cautious since it could be dangerous. Check in the daylight for hazards.

If your city or areas near your city doesn’t have such accommodations, then maybe rent out a sports field (local community center for details) or go to a city park. Sonic Sensations is a Mobile DJ Service and can accommodate many remote locations! Put it into action:

  • Weeks before: Once you’ve figured out where, when, what, and who. You need to actually start the plan. Find your area, book it, rent it, and talk to your parents if you have to about it. Mark it on your schedule. Contact the guests by email or printed invites. Ask everyone to RSVP and on the invite note to bring their own music and food if possible. With a close group of friends maybe plan all this together so you can all split the cost amongst yourselves.
  • On the day of: Arrive at area early by a few hours to set everything up. Not much decoration is needed, just have the games/sports equipment ready and play music while guests arrive.



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