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Staging & Event Co-ordination

Event DJ for Barrie and surrounding areas

A sound system that is inadequate for the size or shape of the room will leave people straining to hear what the featured speaker is saying; eventually, they tune out and the message is lost. A series of inconvenient pillars can block out a presentation. At an event whose highlight was a speech by a famous humanitarian, he arrived from the airport ten minutes before the gala luncheon with a series of slides, instead of the expected Power point presentation. It took more than half an hour to find and load a slide projector. Because of work schedules, almost one quarter of the guests left before the end of the event, subsequently missing the key plea to support of the organizer’s cause. The event coordinator had not asked what technical requirements the speaker had for his presentation?

This is where Sonic Sensations shines with years of experience working at some of the top AV companies such as Tel AV, in Muskoka and area, AV International, Multimedia Conferences, working with such corporate clients as: American Express, Canada Post, GM, Toyota, Bombardier, and many, many others, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all these “little” issues are covered and the BIG for any event, and this only comes with experience! We’ll find you an exceptional venue, coordinate your guest speakers, organize AV requirements, source unique catering options, build your event website and so much more. Most of our clients are busy with the everyday running of their business and although they want to be informed of the important issues and decisions, they don’t want to be bogged down with the never-ending logistical details. By allowing us to coordinate and manage your event, you can leave all the details to the professionals and allow you to stay focused on what’s important.

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