DJ Equipment in Barrie

Sonic Sensations’ professional DJ equipment in Barrie will transform any event, whether it’s a wedding reception or a school dance, into an affair your guests will remember for years to come. DJ Dean brings over 13 years of experience to Sonic Sensations and his DJ Equipment in Barrie and area is the best in the business.

DJ Dean provides the best DJ-LED lighting services using equipment from American DJ, the best DJ Equipment in Barrie brand in the business. He can create unique messages using DJ LED Messenger, a piece of equipment that includes 10 traditional messages, such as “Happy Birthday,” or can be programmed with custom messages. Create a unique message for a recently married couple, or add the name of your loved one to a birthday greeting!

DJ Dean’s lighting equipment also includes DJ Spot Moving Heads, which can project various colours. If you’re looking to create lighting that matches your event’s theme or corporate colours, this DJ equipment is the best in the business for doing just that.

Watch your venue be transformed into a nightclub-style environment with American DJ’s Galaxian 3D Laser. This piece of professional DJ lighting equipment projects over 500 red and green laser beams and can cover a large area, making it ideal for large banquet halls or gymnasiums. And for when things start to wind down, the H2O DMX Pro creates flowing water effects to create a tranquil mood. This piece of DJ equipment is also great for creating a mellow mood during slow numbers.

DJ Dean skilfully combines professional sound equipment with DJ lighting and professional DJ equipment in Barrie and area to create a memorable atmosphere. Use his DJ lighting services to match the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses or the theme of your event.

In addition, his quality sound equipment means you’ll never have to worry about trying to figure out what he’s playing. Whether it’s that latest radio hit meant to propel everyone onto the dance floor or a slow number for all the couples, you’ll be able to appreciate the crystal-clear song from the moment the first few notes play. Combine this with professional DJ lighting equipment and you have everything you need in a professional DJ with DJ Dean and Sonic Sensations.

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