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Wedding receptions often have a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to keep the day running smoothly. This role is sometimes handed to the Best Man, or another close friend of the Groom. 

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The role of MC is simple. It requires you to make a few announcements loudly and clearly as the day progresses. The Groom may know exactly what he wants these to be, but they usually include some or all of the following:

  1. Announcing who should be in the formal group photos
  2. Announcing that dinner is served
  3. Welcoming the Bride and Groom into the dining area
  4. Introducing the Father of the Bride’s speech
  5. Introducing the Groom’s speech
  6. Announcing the cutting of the cake
  7. Introducing the first dance

If you are a nervous Best Man, then being MC is often a safe way of getting over many of your biggest fears before your speech. You’ll have the chance to shout out some pretty straightforward messages, getting you used to speaking in front of an audience. You’ll appear confident and in a position of responsibility from the start, which will impress fellow guests. Most importantly it will give you an idea of the acoustics and a feel for the microphone. Although you may worry about the first announcement, you’ll grow into the role throughout the day and will feel immeasurably more relaxed by the time you come to give your speech.

Here are some responsibilities in the role of Master of Ceremonies:

  1. Test the microphone out before guests arrive to get a feel for the acoustics.
  2. Plan where each announcement will be made to avoid uncertainty.
  3. Introduce our self with your first announcement so guests know who you are, but keep it short. The day does not revolve around the MC!
  4. Go through your role with the Groom and other speakers, so they know when and how you’ll be introducing them.
  5. Get the tone right. We need to speak clearly and loudly, but this shouldn’t be interpreted as bossy and deafening. We are giving your announcements, not barking orders at your troops.
  6. We keep humor to a minimum according to your desires, we are not employed to be the stand-up comic.

However we can arrange for one if desired, we do have access to many types of entertainers. Whilst a witty foreword before introducing each speaker can work well, it must be kept short and relevant.

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Before the Event

  1. As a successful Master of Ceremonies we are thoroughly prepared. We meet with organizers well in advance of the event to confirm the purpose of the event and the planned agenda in detail.
  2. If possible we contact all speakers or others who will have a role in the program and confirm their responsibilities, time allotted to them and anything they might require at the event. In preparation for introducing key speakers contact them to find out the title/topic of their presentation and some background information on them. Use this information to prepare your introduction of the speaker.
  3. We also find out if there will be any special guests in attendance who should be acknowledged at the event.

At the Event

“We will preside with sincerity, energy and decisiveness. We take your audience on a pleasant journey and make them feel that all is going well”

When You Are the Toastmaster

  1. We will arrive early in order to finish any last minute details. Check with speakers and other meeting participants to make sure all their requirements are in place (if not take steps to address any problems if you can) and in case there are any last minute changes.
  2. We confirm whether expected special guests are indeed in attendance.
  3. We will have an agenda and plan to stick to it. If there is not a formal agenda consider preparing a detailed script for yourself outlining everything you have to do, a timetable, including breaks, so that you will know what is supposed to happen when and so you won’t forget something important.
  4. We will start on time and plan to end on time.
  5. We will be prepared. 
 While you can plan well, things can run amuck. Be aware that this can happen and will have a possible strategy to address problems that might occur. As your ideal MC we are resourceful, creative, flexible and able to respond to problems “on the fly”.

Our objective is to keep the event running on time. Attendees appreciate an event that runs on time. We will keep a watch in front of you on the lectern or table to enable you to keep track of the time. Or, arrange beforehand for someone in the audience to keep track of the meeting and give you subtle signals if the meeting is moving behind schedule.

Opening Comments

  1. Welcome all present.
If there are any special guests, officials, politicians or others of note they should be acknowledged in the welcome.
For example, “Good evening, Your Worship, Mayor Brown, Ladies and Gentlemen…”
  2. We introduce ourselves, even if you think everyone should know who you are.
  3. We remind the audience of why they have come, the reason for the event, and what you hope to achieve or accomplish at the event. Is the goal entertainment, to celebrate someone’s accomplishments, or to conduct official business?
  4. We outline the upcoming program briefly.

During the Program Introductions/”Handling” the Speakers:

  1. As the Master of Ceremonies we are responsible for introducing every speaker and others who are playing a role in the program at the event. A proper introduction is important to the success of a speaker’s presentation so we present a good introduction prepared prior to the event for all key speakers. The more important the role played by the individual, the more extensive our introduction should be.
  2. Once you have completed your introduction of a speaker, lead the applause for the speaker and continue applauding until they reach the lectern/podium.
  3. The MC serves as the informal “timekeeper” for the speaker. If a speaker is exceeding their allotted time, you. can slip them a note asking them to please finish quickly.
  4. When the speaker has finished this/her presentation we will lead the applause until the speaker is seated.
  5. Before we proceed on to the next portion of the program it is appropriate to thank the speaker for their presentation. If possible we’ll make reference to some aspect of the talk, which you found particularly important or moving it shows appreciation for the speakers contributions.

An essential skill of an MC is the ability to make comments which “bridge” between segments of the meeting. Prior to the meeting try to prepare some remarks which might be used to bridge between segments or comments or anecdotes which could be used if there is a delay or disruption in the program. A skilled MC is able to use incidents that occur in the event as bridging tools. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to do this. This skill can be gained with experience and practice if it does not come naturally to you.

If the event is several hours in duration, and there are breaks during it, it could be useful to make a few comments summarizing what has happened so far in the event, and what is yet to come.

If there is a gift or honorarium for the speaker(s) it can be presented at the conclusion of their speech. If there are several individuals to receive gifts they can all be presented at the conclusion of the event if this seems appropriate and all the speakers will still be available.

Closing the Meeting

  • “The perfect M.C. makes the audience feel they have profited from attending the function, and that they have also had a good time”.

We close the event with as much enthusiasm as was opened with. At the end of the session it is customary to thank the speakers and thank all who attended for their participation. We think it is a good idea to include comments which summarize what was experienced or achieved in the event, what you have learned or what you felt were the highlights of the event.

In addition, if any people were of particular help to you in organizing and conducting the event, thank them publicly at this point for their assistance. If there are only a few people who assisted you can name them individually. If many people, you can say that you have had a large group of people helping you make the event a success, and you would like to thank all of them for their support. We may ask them to rise to be acknowledged.

Our closing comments as MC should mirror the opening comments. We also consider commenting on whether, in your opinion, the goal of the event has been achieved. If not, you could comment on what further action can or should be taken. If the event was intended to inspire action in your audience we will note this and encourage them to take action. If assistance for further work is being sought we will direct people as to whom to see to indicate their interest. If we want to inspire your audience to take further action after the meeting we use an inspirational story or quote that might be useful.

For example:

  • “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision on what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out and meet it.”
  • “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other”

    – Liciano De Crescenzo
  • “We can see the past but not influence it, we can influence the future but not see it”

    – Stewart Brand

After the Event
Following an event it is appropriate to send a note of thanks to all who contributed to the success of the event in a major way. In particular speakers should be thanked for their contribution. This correspondence should be sent within two weeks of the event. If you do not carry out this task someone key in the organization that sponsored the event should perform this very important courtesy.

This is what to expect from an experienced MC from Sonic Sensations for your event or wedding!


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  • We just wanted to thank you for all your great work during the wedding.

    Our guests had a great time and the flow of the wedding was seamless. We also loved the lighting, both on and off the cake! Thank you so much for being a part of our big day! We really appreciate it.

    - Honey & Hao
  • Thank you so much for keeping the party going all night!

    The day truly exceeded our expectations, we can’t stop smiling! You kept the dance floor going all night! Our funniest stories are all from the dance floor, which was so much fun!

    - Meagan & Alex
  • You would not go wrong by hiring Dean!

    Dean was very professional to deal with. Kept our wedding on time. Kept our guest well entertained. Kept a good eye on what kind of music kept our quest dancing. Pricing was excellent. Lighting was excellent. Could not say enough good things about his services.

    - Barbara Kaye
  • Thank you...for making our wedding day a great success!

    Our families and friends danced all night long and everyone told us that they had a great time. Thanks for playing their requests and for helping us party all night long! Kudos to you!

    - Azniv & Marco Jorg
  • I would recommend Dean if you're looking for an amazing DJ!

    I couldn’t be happier with the services he provided and peace of mind given for my special day. He made sure the whole day flowed perfectly and was willing to go the extra mile in announcing important messages throughout the ceremony and reception.

    - Kristin Wright

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